Best cat skull shirts that you can find online

Do you like cats? Do you like skulls? Would you like to have a unique cat skull shirt?
You are in a good place.

Cat skull designs for men

Perfect for young and older men with at least a little bit of courage

Men’s t-shirt with cats looking like skull

This scary t-shirt design on a man’s t-shirt can be found on Amazon here.

Clean design. Simple cat skull with fish bones under it. Looks great on a dark tshirts

You can see more color options and sized here. It is available in different tshirt sizes.

Cat skull shirt designs for women


Cute cat skull with colorful design

You can find it on Amazon here. This pink t-shirt has everything a woman needs: it is pink, has cute cat, has flowers. Pawsome 🙂

Nice sketch of a cat skull/head on a black t shirt

Find it also on Amazon.

Simple but interesting cat skull design printed on a women tee

Check it here.

Other products with cat skulls

More products and more fun


You can find cool cat skull designs not only on t-shirt but also on other clothes such as hoodies, shirts, sweaters and even socks.


But there is more. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend you can make a nice gift and buy him/her a necklace with a cat skull design.

How real cat skull looks like?

Learn the anatomy

We have also prepared list of images and gifs that you can enjoy.

And if you like to cook cookies for your kids, family and friend I think that you would be happy to know that you can also use cat skull cookie cutters to prepare awesome cookies.