Best 100 emoji pendant for women & men

Is your outfit missing something that could make it go viral? Maybe you wish you had a little extra something to take your #ootd to the next level. If you want your ensemble to be trending, you need some trendy accessories to go with it. You’ll love this 100 emoji pendant to take your outfit … Read more

Best St Rocco medal for women & men

St Rocco is the patron saint of dogs and those who are sick or in need. If St Rocco’s words and deeds speak to you, then make sure to get this wonderful St Rocco medal. The medal has a minimalistic design and features a beautiful engraving of St Rocco’s image. The medal is very subtle … Read more

Best St Sebastian medal for women & men

A Saint Sebastian medal is a great way to show your love for Jesus and your faith in St Sebastian. It is also a beautiful piece of scripture jewelry you can wear as a statement of your beliefs and your love for sports and baseball. Make your Lord and Saviour proud by keeping Him close … Read more

Best St Theresa medal for women & men

One of the most beloved modern saints, Saint Theresa, stands for love and core. Since she did everything with a great amount of love, this medal could remind you of doing the same. The St Theresa medal carries a significant message, but it also looks incredibly beautiful. It is probably because someone made it with … Read more

Best St Thomas Aquinas medal for women & men

If you are looking for a meaningful piece of scripture jewelry, then you should consider this wonderful St Thomas Aquinas medal. Let this St Thomas Aquinas medallion tell the world that you are strong and fearless since you have God and St Thomas by your side. The medal stands for dignity, strength, virtue, and fearlessness. … Read more

Best St Valentine medal for women & men

If you are looking for the perfect little gift for Valentine’s Day, then surprise your loved one with this beautiful St Valentine medal. The pendant is a lovely token your loved one could carry close to their heart. The St Valentine medal is a true reminder of love and how lucky you are to have … Read more

Best surfing St Christopher medal for women & men

The St Christopher medal surfer is a symbol of protection and support. Even though we all need that in our lives, St Christopher is the patron saint of travelers and motorists, therefore intended for the US military and those of similar jobs. Protection, strength, and faith are what they need, so if you know someone … Read more

Best St Monica medal for women & men

If you are looking for a stunning, yet meaningful piece of scripture jewelry, then look no further. The St Monica medal is the jewelry you need. Since St Monica is the patron saint of wives, difficult marriages, widows, mothers, every woman should own one such medal. Carry this medal close to your heart for a … Read more

Best St Nicholas medal for women & men

Patron saint medals are always a wonderful gift to your dearest ones or yourself. Especially when they stand for such a great figure in Christain faith like St Nicholas. Saint Nicholas is known for his generosity and is the patron saint of the innocent, among dozens of other causes and countries. Wear this medal proudly … Read more

Best St Patrick medal for women & men

St Patric’s Day is close, and you don’t have anything green in your closet? Get ready to seize your luck with this wonderful St Patrick medal. St Patrick’s Day is the day you’ll get lucky, so let St Patric on your pendant help you in that mission. Green, witty and stylish, what more do you … Read more