Best surfing St Christopher medal for women & men

The St Christopher medal surfer is a symbol of protection and support. Even though we all need that in our lives, St Christopher is the patron saint of travelers and motorists, therefore intended for the US military and those of similar jobs. Protection, strength, and faith are what they need, so if you know someone like that, make sure to get them this medal surfer as a thoughtful gift. If you, yourself are one of those people, then make sure to get one and start feeling much safer and more faithful.

St. Christopher Surf Necklace, Large Pendant, Green with Black Rim, 23 Inch Ball Chain
  • St. Christopher is known as the "Protector of Travel"
  • 23 inch ball chain with 1 inch diameter pendant or medal
  • Green with black rim
  • Back has image of surfer
  • For men, women, boys or girls
Get Back Supply Co Saint Christopher Surf Medal Pendant Necklace,Aquamarine/White AM/WH Medium
  • Saint Christopher Surf Medal Pendant Necklace, Small - Silver/Baby Blue
  • NEW!
Native Treasure - Original St. Christopher Blue Surfer Medal Necklace, Black Leather Choker
  • Original St. Christopher Design - Lots MORE Colors in Our Store!!
  • Large Silver Plated Bronze Medal - Quarter Size
  • Brilliant Hard Enamel Royal Blue Coloring - Stamped Surfer Back
  • 2mm Black Real Leather Cord - Slip Knot Adjustable Size 12" to 22"
  • Exclusive 60 Day Free Breakage Replacement 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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